Cristian ONETIU

We are to a great extent in a position to recommend Essential Training and Consulting and its partners for any serious and professional collaboration related to their domain of activity. Life Care (former Vision Group International) has had a great professional project of collaboration with Essential Training and Consulting.

All along this period of time, Life Care derived advantage from a package of well-structured training sessions regarding organizational consultancy that were rapidly applicable. Our common actions have referred to work procedures, organizational structure development, job descriptions and appraisal methods. Essential Training and Consulting successfully made, as well, the recruitment for the top and middle management staff of our company. The minimum level of numeric fluctuations in terms of personnel is a clear proof of the successful recruitment process. One of the elements of our HR structural politics is based on a career plans and benefits project that has been designed by Essential.

All of the above mentioned make us fully recommend professional partnership with the well-adjusted to the client’s needs Essential Training and Consulting.