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Essential celebrates 10 years!

Essential™ was founded in the spring of 2004 in Romania, after carefully considering the market opportunities in the field of consultancy.
In order for us to bring value to the solutions we offer to our partners, and by maximizing lessons learned from our professional experience and specialty studies, we started out developing targeted training programs with focus on professional and personal development, and content that matches the specific training need. In addition, we added multiple learning tools meant to facilitate a much more efficient implementation of the training content within the organizational context of our partners.

It has been over 10 years since Essential™ starting point. Looking back, we can proudly say that we have kept up to our promises and achieved all the established objectives. Our consultants have brought a significant contribution to the process of implementing efficient working methods and developing processes, offering support and consultancy to employees of any level of professional experience in creating constructive work environments, positive mind-sets and organizational cultures. During this time, Essential™ became a trustworthy partner for more than 60 companies, with over 15.000 persons attending Essential™ courses.

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On Essential™’s 10th Anniversary, we all gathered together at Adam Muller Gutenbrunn to celebrate the event.
A moment described as cultural, artistic, and literary, with a touch of business. There were few over 160 essential guests (business partners, collaborators, admirers, employees and friends) and they all got to see the Essential Kids dancing, the Aualeu Theatre performing, Iuliana Stan speaking about the Organizational Culture, Cristian Philipp speaking about Essential™’s history, team, and programs, and DJ K-Lu entertaining the evening with an amazing audio-video performance.

Iuliana released her new book, “Bun simt organizational”, and Cristi introduced for the first time the brand new Essential™ concepts, A.L.I.E.N. Philosophy and FOLLOWERSHIP.

There was alcohol.
Be our guest to take a tour through the atmosphere and share the moment with us.


Iuliana StanManaging Partner for Human Synergistics Romania Iuliana Stan speaks about Leadership Practices and their impact in the Organizational Culture, within the “Essential™ 10 Years Anniversary” event on 19th of May 2014, where her book called “Bun simt organizational” will be released for the first time in Timisoara.

About the book
We talk about common sense every time people find themselves aligning expectations with others, and defining aspirations consultatively. Aligning aspirations is a process of becoming, a process emerged out of common sense. If we were to ignore others’ aspirations, or minimize the positive outcomes that this aligning might bring, we could quickly confront ourselves with lack of common sense.
Common sense is all about behavioral manners, about moral conduct, about discipline and consideration, and not about duties or constraints.
Consciously and actively manifesting common sense is more of a development process, rather than an information to absorb or quality to use. Common sense can be grown to perpetuate, once the interest for cultivating it becomes active.

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